The Team

Danny HamiltonDanny Hamilton
Danny Hamilton, Ph.D. has 13 years experience as an editor, reporter and writer and heads our editing team. Originally from Southern Canada, Danny is a former editor of a financial magazine and has completed many courses in the PCP at Ryerson University.



Jeff Green
Jeff Green is the Head of Content Strategy at Chesterindependent.com. A former financial tech journalist, Jeff has written for many authority news companies. He graduated from Manchester University and has joined Chesterindependent after 2 years professional experience.



david-crisanoDavid Crisano
David Crisano covers the Semiconductors and Computer Chip industry. he joined Chesterindependent.com in late 2013 and previously was a hardware analyst with William Blair Research.




499dc0f2c97b2a2bcf244a09327e3148Ruchi Gupta
Ruchi Gupta, has more than 6 years of rich experience ranging from Financial Services to Media. Gupta completed her Post-Graduate Diploma in BA with a specialization in Finance from ISB&M. She is a formed writer and analyst for several authoritative news publishers.



kristin-rhodesKristin Rhodes
Kristin Rhodes covers large cap tech and telecom companies. She has consistently ranked among the leading analysts in the sector and has been recognized in a variety of investor polls.




jason-feldJason Feld
Jason Feld covers the Cable, Satellite, Entertainment, Broadcasting and Advertising industries. Prior to joining Chesterindependent.com, he worked at Berstein Research as a Technology Analyst.



pat-mcdonaldPat McDonald
Pat McDonald covers the Enterprise Systems & PC Hardware industry. He joined Chesterindependent.com in 2013 as a small cap contributor prior to moving into his current role.