Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Hidden Photo Tags Revealed By Computer Vision For Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Chrome

January 4, 2017 - By Ruchi Gupta   ·   0 Comments

It was recently revealed that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) like many other applications, which involve users adding pictures has hidden tags, which are automatically generated to aid the platform better understand the objects in the pictures that users add.

However, this was a well-hidden fact that the social-media platform made use of this software. It was only revealed recently by a new Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Chrome extension, the Computer Vision, which revealed these tags to users.

How these tags work on the social media platform

Ideologically speaking, the process of the software making sense of the pictures that users add is harmless; however, it is strange that the social media giant was so secretive about this feature. However, there has been proof that the company has made use of this software on this platform.

How this software can aid users

This proof is illustrated through facial recognition software, which is located when you tag people in pictures and so forth. The information extracted from these tags can have an extensive range of advantages not only for the platform, but for those who are disadvantaged, yet make use of the platform as well. This includes people with impaired vision.

How this software can aid users

As previously mentioned, this photo object recognition software can have a positive impact on users who make use of the social media platform. The prime example of this comes in the form of individuals who have impaired vision.

The reason behind this, is often, these individuals make use of screen readers, which utilizing the tags, are able to better describe the images in detail, through making use of the tags, which the algorithm has applied to the picture in question.

For individuals, who wish to better understand how these tags look and work, simply download the Computer Vision Tags extension, which is supplied by Chrome. Once enabled, you will be able to see the automated tags for yourself.

Facebook stock closed on Monday at $116.82, after an increase of $1.77 or 1.54%

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By Ruchi Gupta

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