Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) May Be Getting Ready To Release An Edge-To-Edge iPhone 7S

December 22, 2016 - By Ruchi Gupta   ·   0 Comments

Rumors are that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be preparing to release its first ever edge-to-edge smartphone. It is expected that the tech giant, will be incorporating an edge-to-edge design in the iPhone 7S. However, there are still a few details that need to be discussed, for the credibility of this rumor.

Apple keeping to its secrecy has codenamed the entire project to “The Ferrari”. Allegedly this smartphone will feature edge-to-edge screen OLED display. However, further than this there will still be a home button, it will just be hidden under the screen. This is something that no other company has yet to do.

More details about the edge-to-edge Apple smartphone

In accordance with the documents, which were leaked by Apple. The smartphone, which this display will be equipped with is indeed the iPhone 7S. However, it is expected that the total size of the new variant of iPhone 7 will be measuring at roughly 5-inch, or larger. The original iPhone 7S measured in at 4.7 inches.

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As mentioned the TouchID, which is a popular feature on the original iPhone 7S will still be featured on the new variant model. However, the feature will be hidden under the display. Easy to find, but not visible, keeping the edge-to-edge feature intact, while maintaining a beloved feature.

In addition to this, it was mentioned in the leaked documents that the SIM card holder, will be moved further down the back of the phone. Allegedly, the reason behind this is the new variant model, will be equipped with a smart connector.

Why this is significant

The reason that this move from Apple is so unexpected, is the company has never had three models of the same device, without a premium device. Which, is exactly what the company is doing through releasing a new variant of the iPhone 7S, with better features.

The company has also never integrated AMOLED technology in its smartphone products. However, the iPhone 7S supposedly will be equipped with this. Furthermore, the company made it clear that they want to include AMOLED technology in all future devices that they release.

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By Ruchi Gupta

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