New Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S And Model X Lose Autonomous Spark

November 23, 2016 - By Ruchi Gupta   ·   0 Comments

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) might as well have committed its biggest crime yet, on removing some of the important Autopilot features that made people fall in love with Tesla Model S and Model X. The newly launched ‘Hardware 2’ electronic driver assists system appears to be a shadow of ‘Hardware 1’ based on the self-driving  features it currently comes with.

Tesla Model S and Model X Downgrade

CEO, Elon Musk, confirming that Hardware 2 powered cars would be less capable at start compared to Hardware 1, all but affirms the fact that the automaker might have taken a big step backward.  While the new system features new package of sensors designed to enhance Autopilot features it still lacks some essential features  that should be a concern to people looking to buy new models already on sale.

Automatic emergency braking adaptive cruise control as well as lane control are some of the features that are missing on Tesla Model S and Model X.  When the features will be available is still a point of discussion, the automaker having parted ways with one of the companies that were responsible for developing them in the first place.


Tesla has since reiterated the features will available as over the air updates. However, it does not say when owners of the new Tesla Model S and Model X should expect them. The company parting ways with Mobileye after a fatal crash involving a Model S with Autopilot engaged appears to be the genesis of the current standoff.

Mobileye Exit Impact

It has since emerged that  Tesla will have  to find a replacement  for one of the software that Mobileye owned if some self-driving feature are to be made available on Autopilot. The automaker has since tried to quash concerns that Hardware 2 is a downgrade insisting that it will only get better as it moves to add new capabilities going forward until full automate is achieved.

The automaker posting a video showing a prototype of a self-driving car it is currently  working on is another way of it showing that Tesla Model S ad Model X will be on another level in future with the advancement of technology.

Tesla stock was up by 3.60% in Tuesday trading session closing the day at a high of $191.17 a share.

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By Ruchi Gupta

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